Simply choose which Sax best suites the nature of your event or a combination!!

Unique Saxophones designed and used by popular UK Saxophonist Rob Mach

Delivering high impacting and simply unforgettable performances like no other to clubs, private parties and events both throughout the UK and internationally.

Simply choose which Sax best suites the nature of your event or a combination!!

V Sax

The V Sax is an advanced LED Sax with functions that allow video like displays to be programmed onto the body of the Sax like never before – enabling performances to be truely unique and elevate the theme of your event.

The V Sax Key Features:

  • Black Dusk Finish with UV inner & keys
  • UV Illumination with stand alone mode
  • Pre-programmable LED Display

The V Sax is extremely versatile with constantly updated programs designed and loaded onto the Sax for all types of performance. Whether creating soft sweeping visuals to accompany a smooth Sax performance or exuberant shapes and rapid visuals for when the V Sax is truly in its element – Party time!!  

This performance delivers a high impact point of difference and creates a wow factor at any event.

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White Party Sax

Brand New to 2017 and following on from it’s predecessor the V Sax – the new White Party Sax has similar features with both an amazing LED display encasing the body of the Sax and a stand alone UV mode.

The White Party Sax Key Features:

  • White Dusk Finish with Blue UV inner & keys
  • UV illumination with stand alone mode
  • Range of LED Presets / programmed patterns

Though the name and look of this Sax lends itself well – this Sax isn’t just for White Parties!

Based on the V Sax with some minor improvements added in, the White Party Sax hasn’t been created to replace the V Sax but more to offer an exciting alternative equally capable of delivering an amazing party experience with another unique look!!

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CO2 Sax

Combining for the first time ever awesome Sax licks and an LED lit Sax with powerful blasts of Co2 directly from within the Sax!

Being the first and currently only Co2 Sax provider in the world these specialist performances are extremely high impacting.

Floods of Co2 blasts cool the dancefloor interspersed with sensual Sax breaks delivering the ultimate clubbing experience directly to your event.

The Co2 Sax Key Features:

  • Sax fitted with Co2 Blaster
  • LED lit

The best way to find out exactly what a Co2 Sax performance could bring to your event is to take a look at it in action!! 

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Pure Sax

Pure Sax is a normal non customised Sax.

Used primarily on bookings such as providing background music for wedding ceremonies, daytime events or where clients may prefer a Party Sax  performance without any extras.

Solo / Club Sax Key Features:

  • Just pure Sax!
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Rob will work closely with you to achieve the best performance for your event.

Whatever the nature of Sax performance you require Visual Sax is the answer, Rob can work with you to tailor a performance to exact match your requirements, far exceeding expectations on his exciting range of stand out unique Saxophones.

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