Powerful blasts of Co2 directly from within the Sax!

About the CO2 Sax

Ramp up the excitement on your dance floor with awesome Co2 Sax performances!

Unique speciality entertainment for corporate events
University Ball Club Night Entertainment
Unique Sax performances for weddings and events
Club Entertainment London Worldwide
Combining for the first time ever blasts of ice cool Co2 directly from within the Sax!

Being the first and currently only Co2 Sax provider there is these specialist performances are extremely high impacting and unique to Visual Sax.

Floods of Co2 blasts wash over party goers amid a high energy Sax performance, delivering the ultimate clubbing experience to your event and elevating it onto a whole new level.

The Co2 Sax Key Features:

  • Sax fitted with Co2 Blaster
  • LED lit

The Co2 Sax was born from main stage club night performances but is commonly requested for Weddings, Private & Corporate Events.

Being a Co2 Sax it requires a constant supply of Co2. With performances at venues that already use Co2 (such as Clubs) the Sax simply connects into their supply, for Private Events there are two supply options that relate to the size of canister supplied, these are:

  • The Small Canister Performance

A small Co2 canister is supplied (approx knee height) for a shorter Co2 Sax performance (approx 30 seconds continuous jet)

This works really well for example on a wedding booking as a one off moment bringing people together on the dance floor for the drop of a tune and is great for creating a truly memorable wedding photo or video. The grooms (and sometimes Brides) often get carried away when they realise they can use the Sax too!

  • The Large Canister Performance

A large Co2 canister is supplied (Approx 5ft) for a longer Co2 Sax performance (approx 3 minutes 30 seconds continuous jet)

Quite simply this lasts a lot longer and creates floods of Co2 throughout the evening at any event. This is the same volume of Co2 used for Club performances where one large canister would be suitable for 3 x 20 minute sets interspersed with Sax playing.

Co2 Sax Wedding

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Play Hard Co2 Club Sax

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Co2 Sax Private Event

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Wedding Co2 Sax Warm Up

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Rob will work closely with you to achieve the best performance

Whatever the nature of Sax performance you require Rob will work with you to tailor a performance to exact match the requirements of your event.

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