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The best club entertainment around, party music for your corporate event or private party, a bespoke Sax performance at your wedding, a surprise birthday serenade or you are an artist looking to collaborate. Visual Sax represents a one stop shop for all types of Sax performance

DJ solutions specifically tailored to work with Live performers

Providing a variety of DJ options all of which are geared towards enhancing the Sax DJ experience. Rob can work alongside any booked DJ or alternatively can provide any of the DJ shows / services listed below.   

Rob's Sax DJ Solo Show

An exciting one of a kind Sax DJ show, popular for wedding evening receptions and private parties. 

  • Club Sax / LED Sax performances 
  • DJ service 
  • PA system with subs 
  • DJ lighting 
  • DJ booth
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Sax & Guitar DJ Duo

The Sax & Guitar DJ Duo provides the same full DJ setup but with additional live wireless Guitarist features throughout the night. The combination of Sax and Guitar in a DJ setup isn’t something perhaps as common as other options and that’s primarily because it’s a lot harder to do well. 

It’s great for events with perhaps a mixed playlist and general feel good party music brief. With 10 years of performing together it’s something that fits in effortlessly with Rob’s Sax DJ shows and is another great way to get your dance floor rocking! 

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Sax & Percussion DJ Duo

The extremely popular combination of Sax & Percussion never fails to get dance floors going. Whether it be recreating iconic sounds of Ibiza and bringing a Club sound to your party or simply enhancing the beat to a range of general party music, it’s a great way to bring energy and excitement to the dance floor.

The Sax & Percussion DJ Duo provides a full DJ setup along with a Percussion rig to the side of the DJ booth and includes free roaming sets on the dance floor.

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DJ Live - Sax, Guitar & Percussion

Providing DJ setup with Sax, Guitarist and Percussionist performances throughout the evening. The DJ Live performance works great as a band alternative for those wanting perhaps the flexibility of a DJ but also to still incorporate that element of Live performance. 

This can be provided as part of Rob’s Sax DJ Solo show or in addition to the below Sax & DJ – Bespoke setups. 

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Sax & DJ Duo - Custom

If you’d like a separate Sax & DJ quote or perhaps you have a larger sized event which requires a more involved setup. The Sax & DJ Duo show can provide a range of additional services which not only focus on the music but the overall theme and design of your event.

  • Upgraded PA system options
  • Wireless LED room uplighting 
  • DMX controlled lighting
  • White Star Lite Dance Floor
  • Dry Ice
  • Love Letter Hire
  • Confetto Showers
  • Magic Mirror Hire
  • Daytime PA setups
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