Wedding Sax

Ceremony, Drinks Reception, Wedding Breakfast & Evening Reception

Daytime Sax Performances

Finding the right Sax performance for your wedding day

Your Wedding Ceremony

Every Wedding Ceremony is truly unique, as such this service is bespoke to your requirements.   

Providing a professional PA system it also includes preparing your playlist in advance, liaising with your registrar on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly and the timings are perfect.

Bespoke Sax performances can be prepared accordingly for any moments during the Ceremony such as:

  • Guests Arrival
  • Bridal Entrance
  • Signing Of The Register
  • Exit Music

Musical requests for Wedding Ceremonies do tend to vary more so than with any other type of performance, with each Bride & Groom wanting to add there own personal touches. This performance can work in such a way that is completely to personal requests or more guidance on song choice can be given at any point during the booking. 

If you’d like to talk about how a Sax performance could enhance your current Ceremony plans then please get in touch to discuss further and talk through any ideas that you may have.

Drinks Reception / Wedding Breakfast

Both of these moments are great for a Sax performance but it’s often asked which one would be best? Typically the Drinks Reception performance is the most requested but it does depend on the individual wedding to what may work best for you.

Things to consider would be firstly what type of performance are you perhaps looking for? For example an Ocean Beach Club style Ibiza Chill out Sax performance to get the party started earlier in the day or perhaps more of a Jazz / Pop style performance where guests can unknowingly tap along to popular songs being played in the background.

Venue logistics and your own timings for the day also often help determine which of these moments would be best suited for you and if in doubt you could always have both:)

Much like with the Wedding Ceremony service a PA setup is provided for the Sax performance along to tracks.

Evening Sax Performances

Sax Performances on either a Classic, LED Sax or Co2 Sax

Evening Drinks Reception

Setting the tone for the evening as the formalities of the day are nearly concluded and it’s soon time for guest’s to take to the dance floor.

This is the time when your Wedding Breakfast has concluded, the evening evening guest’s are starting to arrive building up to your First Dance.

Depending on your timings for the day and venue layout, often guests are persuaded to make their way out of the main room so the venue can turn this around for the evening reception. In such instances a separate PA setup can be provided to entertain guests during this time. Where venues don’t have to allow for this perhaps because there are separate rooms already setup then the performance can be alongside a booked DJ entertaining as a build up to your First Dance. 

Your First Dance

A once in a lifetime moment the First Dance…

There are a few popular ways that get often get requested when incorporating a Sax performance within a First Dance, these depending perhaps on the song choice, a mater of preference and if a particular routine has been worked out prior. 

These are:

  • A full Sax rendition of a favourite track
  • The Sax to come in halfway through a track to then encourage guests onto the dance floor
  • The Sax to come in straight after the First Dance to get people partying straight away afterwards
Club Sax

Either following on from your First Dance or booked to start later on in the evening Club Sax or Party Sax performances are seemingly one of the most popular performance choices

Working alongside any booked DJ or as part of a Visual Sax DJ show these are high impacting party sets that interact with guests on and around the dance floor. 

For Weddings also having a band for their evening entertainment LED Club Sax also works great for before / after their performances and during any breaks giving you a constant flow of live music throughout the night.

Typically in most cases these performances work best in shorter sets giving the dance floor a boost with high impacting Sax breaks throughout the night. That said for those wishing to create more of an after party effect leaving it to perhaps later on in the night before things get ramped up a notch then longer sets might be best suited depending on you evening schedule.

Common questions relating to Club Sax performances often relate to playlists, styles of music for the performance and how this works with a booked DJ? There are preferred styles of music and tracks which do work better than others with this type of Sax performance and there are also certain tracks which just don’t. Fortunately there’s not many which don’t work and the Sax is very flexible to playing over and sounding great over a wide variety of general party music and not just club classics which it is perhaps most associated with. Rob work’s with DJ in numerous ways depending on how detailed your playlist ideas are, how experienced the DJ is (some require more set planning beforehand others don’t). Anyway of working is completely fine be it a more detailed approach of liaising with the DJ beforehand or simply free styling on the night.    

Co2 Sax at your Wedding

The Co2 Sax isn’t for everyone’s special day but is becoming increasingly popular especially when Groom’s find out that they can have a go themselves!

Due to the nature of the performance this is really only suitable for later on in the night when the dance floor is packed and the evening is in full flow. 

There are two performance options with a Co2 Sax show and relate to the size of canister supplied, these are:

  • The Small Canister Performance

A small Co2 canister is supplied (approx knee height) for a shorter Co2 Sax performance (approx 30 seconds continuous jet)

This works really well during a wedding evening as a one off moment bringing people together on the dance floor for the drop of a tune and is great for creating a truly memorable photo or video moment.

  • The Large Canister Performance

A large Co2 canister is supplied (Approx 5ft) for a longer Co2 Sax performance (approx 3 minutes 30 seconds continuous jet)

Quite simply this lasts a lot longer and creates floods of Co2 throughout the evening. This is the same volume of Co2 used for Club performances where one large canister would be suitable for 3 x 15 minute sets interspersed with Sax playing.

Co2 Sax Wedding

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Rob will work closely with you to achieve the best performance

Whatever the nature of Sax performance you require Rob will work with you to tailor a performance to exact match the requirements of your event.

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