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Sax Performances

Enquiries are generally quite diverse and often bespoke to a particular event but there are also some commonly requested performance types.  

Club Sax

Club or Party Sax sets alongside a DJ are perhaps the most popular requested performances. These are wireless Sax performances that enhance any DJ set and get fully involved with whats happening on the dance floor.

If you are looking to bring that Ibiza vibe to your event or just to add some engaging live entertainment into your DJ’s party set, these are high impacting performances geared at engaging with guests and to get the dance floor moving.

Whether it’s a main stage Club Night, Music Festival, Bar Launch, Corporate Awards, Evening Wedding Reception or anything else with a dance floor everyone loves a bit of Club Sax!

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Co2 Sax

Co2 Sax performances take Club Sax performances to a whole new level. These work as an add on to the Club Sax performance and are for events looking to really take their guests by surprise.

Using a specially designed Co2 Sax, Rob combines his usual high energy performance with Co2 blasts that come from directly inside the Sax.

These performances are only suitable for evening entertainment when the dance floor is in full flow and not something that would perhaps be so welcomed during a Wedding Breakfast performance.

Popular main stage feature performances for Club nights and Corporate Events.

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Sax DJ Solo Show

This is Rob’s exciting new Sax DJ show and provides everything you need to put on a great party!

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Ibiza Chillout

Ibiza Chilllout performances are not only great for Wedding Drinks Receptions but also for Corporate audiences or venues looking to re create that iconic Ibiza feel.

General Ibiza playlists can be played or performances can be tailored to particular requested styles of house music. For example focusing on an ambient or funky / deep house sound creating either a more background or upbeat style performance accordingly to the type of event.

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Jazz / Pop Sax

Solo Sax performances which focus on Jazz Standard and Pop material. Mainly requested for background entertainment at Private / Corporate Events, Dining and for Wedding background entertainment.

Bespoke playlist can be made for both Jazz and Pop style performances including both older classic and more current chart material.

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Themed Sax

Sax performances can also be based on particular themes such as 007 James Bond Sax, Love Songs, Christmas Music as popular examples.

Rob can also perform a range of Bollywood, Classical and Klezmer music.

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