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The best club entertainment around, party music for your corporate event or private party, a bespoke Sax performance at your wedding, a surprise birthday serenade or you are an artist looking to collaborate. Visual Sax represents a one stop shop for all types of Sax performance

Visual Sax DJ Packages

Different Sax & DJ Shows 

Rob's Sax DJ Solo Show

An exciting Sax / DJ solo show

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Sax & Guitarist DJ Duo

Full DJ setup with both wireless Sax and Electric Guitar performances

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Sax & Percussion DJ Duo

Full DJ setup with performances from both Sax and Percussion

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Sax & DJ Duo

An alternative to Rob’s Sax DJ Solo Show, providing a modern DJ setup with further customisation options

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Sax DJ Solo Show

No need to source a DJ, Rob’s unique Sax DJ Solo Show provides everything you need to put on a great party!

About The Sax DJ Solo Show

It’s been awhile time in the making, with years of experience in the industry working across various events and learning from the best (and worst!) DJ’s there are. The Sax DJ show is a natural continuation of Rob’s highly popular Club Sax performances that deliver an unbeatable, totally unique all in one Sax DJ show.

How does it work?

In essence the Sax DJ show works just like any good DJ booking, Rob works with you in the planning stages discussing the finer details of your booking, then incorporates any musical or performance ideas discussed, then adds to them and puts on an incredible party..

What’s does it include?

The Sax DJ Solo show includes as standard:

– DJ service interspersed with Classic or LED Sax performances throughout the evening

– PA system with subs suitable for ups to 200 guests

– DJ lighting consisting of overhead bars, moving heads, laser scanners and haze machine (venue permitting)

– DJ booth with either black or white finish 

How does the Sax and DJ work with a solo show?

Rob creates short pre mixes according to and bespoke to a client’s music brief that enable him to step out from behind the DJ booth and onto the dance floor for brief periods during the night. This is in exactly the same way he would do so with his popular Club Sax performances. The only difference being instead of standing next to the DJ he is the DJ able to shape the music further adding new dimensions on top of your standard DJ performance with additional Sax improvisations from behind the booth. Much like a standard DJ setup even with premixes for performances on the dance floor Rob still has the flexibility to adapt and mix things up at any point during the evening.

Why book a solo show rather than just a Sax performance?

The solo show would often prove a much cost effective option than paying for a separate Sax and DJ setup. It also does make planning simpler with no need to brief and liase between separate suppliers, giving Rob free reign to deliver a professional bespoke service and truly unique performance to your event. The solo show also does naturally create an unexpected surprise when the DJ brings out the Sax for the first time and starts partying with guests!

Sax & Guitar DJ Duo

A great live combo for events that would like a real variety of music

DJ setup with both live Sax & Guitar performances

A great addition to Rob’s Sax DJ Solo show is adding the live Electric Guitarist performance. Not only a cost effective way of providing something extra still, this show contains the same full DJ setup but with both live Sax and Guitar performances throughout the night.

The Guitarist addition doesn’t have to be just part of the solo show but can be incorporated into larger scale DJ setups and be part of a full DJ live performance with percussion. 


What’s great about this combination?

What’s specifically great is that this type of show is really good for events wanting a wide variety of music played throughout the night. The Guitar lends itself to music that the Sax doesn’t work so well on, Indie music being one example of this. With the Guitar element added you essentially get twice the live performance capability for your dance floor along with new performance possibilities, be it replicating howling Electric Guitar solos from known tracks to funky riffing melodies which accompany the Sax performance, it’s all great fun:)   

What’s does it include?

The Sax & Guitar DJ Duo includes as standard:

– DJ service interspersed with Classic or LED Sax performances throughout the evening

– Wireless Guitar performances throughout the evening

– PA system with subs suitable for ups to 200 guests

– DJ lighting consisting of overhead bars, moving heads, laser scanners and haze machine (venue permitting)

– DJ booth with either black or white finish 

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Sax & Percussion DJ Duo

To further enhance your event Visual Sax can provide an array of additional entertainment options, please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Disco Live LED Musicians

To create a full disco live interactive show the following musicians can also be provided:

  • LED Percussionist
  • LED Violinist
  • Guitarist
  • Vocalist (Male / Female)
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Supplying professional dancers to put on a show and add excitement to the dance floor. Varying acts and themes can be supplied to make your event truly stand out and compliment any Visual Sax booking.

Bands, Daytime Music Combos

Visual Sax can also supply a range of other quality entertainment from Wedding Daytime music to evening party including:

  • Jazz Band Combos (Instrumental or with Vocalist)
  • Rat Pack Big Band
  • Sax and Vocal Duos (Jazz, Motown, Soul, Modern Party)
  • Party Bands 

Sax & DJ Duo

Providing a bespoke DJ booking with all of the extras

For larger events or clients simply wanting more of

With the Sax DJ solo show essentially being a one man show this does have it’s limitations if your event is perhaps on a larger scale or if you are looking for more of a modern DJ setup or perhaps some added extras such as dance floor supply, this all generally requires more than a one man crew to provide.

The Sax & DJ Duo can provide all of this along with a range of extra options to enhance the theme of your event such as:

  • Upgraded PA system suitable for up to 500 guests
  • Modern Elite or Rustic DJ Consoles 
  • Upgraded DJ Truss lighting 
  • Wireless LED room uplighting 
  • DMX Controlled shows for both DJ and room uplighting 
  • Custom Gobo displays (name in lights)
  • White Star Lite dance floor 8ft x 8ft up to 20ft x 20ft in size
  • Dry Ice
  • Love Letter Hire
  • Confetto Showers
  • Magic Mirror Hire
  • Daytime PA setups
DJ Live - Sax, Guitar, Percussion

Just like with the Sax DJ Solo show the Sax performance is included but you can also add the Guitar and / or Percussion live performers onto any booking for that full DJ Live experience.


Here’s a list of the standard equipment Mr Sax DJ can provide on a booking. An upgraded PA system and lighting options for larger events can also be provided depending on the nature and size of your event, Mr Sax DJ can also provide a tech spec and liase with production companies for larger events.

Standard Mr Sax DJ performances supply the following:

– PA system with sub woofer (suitable for up to approx 250 guests)

– DJ booth with LED uplight and Laptop / Pinoeer DJ Mixer setup

– Overhead / Dancefloor lighting containing 2 x Derby fixtures, 2 x LED wash lights, laser, UV, 4 x high powered LED strobe lights and 2 x moving head lights 

– Wireless Microphone for speeches / announcements.

 Available upgrades:

– Smoke machine

– Confetti canon

– Room uplighting

– Daytime PA Package (with or without Sax performance) 

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Rob will work closely with you to achieve the best performance for your event.

Whatever the nature of Sax performance you require Visual Sax is the answer, Rob can work with you to tailor a performance to exact match your requirements, far exceeding expectations on his exciting range of stand out unique Saxophones.

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